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Posted by Spencer Davis on

Have you ever encountered a moose by yourself? Or how about with a group of friends? Has one ever blocked a dirt road by standing right in the middle and refusing to move? (this happened to me)

🌲 We love to hear from moosey people like you!  Please tell us your awesome moose experience in the comment section below.

Don't be shy, drink some good ol' coffee and let it flow!  We love stories and we know that others do too.  😁

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  • This story goes way back to my teenage days. I was carving my name into a tree (regret doing that now….) with my pocket knife when an extremely large bull moose came running through the forest and came to an abrupt halt when he saw me, about 10 feet in front of where I was at the tree. The rack on this bull was huge and it even had some moss or forestry hanging from the antlers. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in the outdoors. Magnificent, but terrifying. I stood there with my knife shaking in the tree (can still see the squiggly mark to this day) and as we stared at each other we were both frozen. It was probably about the longest 5 seconds! And then I started screaming and running back toward the cabin and was running for dear life. Didn’t look back, screaming the whole way. I’m pretty sure the moose went off the other way. I will never forget. Since then I have had numerous moose encounters, just never any running straight towards me and I always keep my distance. I had later found out that my brother and friends were playing on the other side of the property and must have spooked the moose- which had him running in my direction.

    Julie on

  • We lived 3 miles east of Homer, Alaska. I was driving to town and came upon a young man walking toward town. A bull moose in velvet (his horns were still growing) burst out of the treeline, charging toward the pedestrian. I pulled up along side the young man, opened the passenger door, he jumped in and I drove off before he got the door shut. People 1, moose 0.

    In 1992, the snow pack in Homer was well above normal. There was 110 inches of snow on the ground, and the moose were having a terrible time getting around and finding food. People were feeding them and the moose had gotten comfortable around houses and people. I was living in a 4-plex, 2 up and 2 down, with one central door on an automatic closure. I drove up one day, and someone hadn’t shut the door tightly, and there was a big cow moose halfway into the foyer. I could just imagine me standing there, holding the door open so she could come back out of the foyer if she went all the way in. Fortunately, she heard me and moved away rather than going in. I was so thankful!

    Kit on

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