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This time I'm enjoying a delicious cup of Guatemalan origin coffee, medium roast and very tasty. Slight coco overtones gives this java a great flavor. But enough about what I'm drinking, now to what I'm thinking. 

I am thinking about how I can avoid being negative and be more positive towards others. Sometimes words can affect others stronger than we might think, like I always say: words are powerful! I am going to go through my day only saying nice, positive words, and if I have nothing nice to say, well then, I'll have to try extra hard to find something nice. Seriously, who wants to be around a negative person? Negativity seems to "rub off" on each other.   

Are there other ways to deal with negativity? I've found that by changing the "mood" from raunchy to happy can be just as easy as realizing that I'm being a grump. Self realize and snap out of it! 

Drink some coffee and calm down! 😂☕

Sometimes thinking about the opposite emotion helps. For instance if I'm mad, I think about a joke, lol. It works.

Also realize that when we don't get what we want, psychologically, we get upset. So get over not getting what you want! It's just stuff!

Another way to be positive towards others is to give.... no explanation needed. 

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