The Coffee Brick Road

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If you are looking for some seriously great coffee, then this is the place!  Before sitting down to write this post, I brewed a pot of Cameroon dark roasted standard ground beans, and mmm is it tasty.  Nice and smooth body with a not so bold flavor, perfect for this cold winter morning.

They say to go into business with something that you're passionate about.  I didn't really understand that till I started MooseBeansCoffee.  Wow, how true is that saying!  I freakin love coffee!  As far as mooses go, right on!  I grew up seeing mooses every summer as we would hang out at cabins, be it at fish lake, windy ridge or even at the Brown's cabin.  Running into mooses in the wild was completely normal to me as a child as I constantly ran into them as I hiked around the mountains.  I never realized that normal kids didn't have moose encounters like my siblings and I did.  It was totally normal to us, lol.  I learned to stay away from them and give them distance, but that still didn't stop me from sneaking up closer to get a better look. 😁

Every Moose photo that MooseBeansCoffee publishes was taken by a family member, mostly at our Spring Hollow cabin.  🏞

The combination of drinking a cup of fresh brewed coffee and enjoying the cool crisp mountain air is an unbelievable experience of goodness. 

Thank you for reading my random thoughts and stories.  Now please enjoy some awesome coffee, you won't be disappointed, after all we roast the beans after you order... HA!  Time for me to fill my mug up with some more Cameroonian Coffee!

Thank you and enjoy your journey down the coffee brick road my moosey friend! ☕

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