The Cold Mornings

Posted by Spencer Davis on

❄ The best mornings in my opinion are cold and foggy.The way the clouds hug the landscape puts me in a state of mind of serenity and bliss. ❤ Standing on my porch, with coffee mug in hand, I love staring at the snow chilled mountains slightly before the sunrise. The cool, crisp air delights the lungs as my hands always cradle the warm coffee mug.  My mind never drifts to my duties for the day, but rather ponders the creation and our existence on this earth.  Sometimes it's all about stepping back, sipping some coffee and taking it all in.  Whether you in the Rocky mountains, or the Mojave desert, it's always worth a moment to stop and take it all in.

Sometimes people are so worried about where they're going that they never stop to enjoy where they're at.  

Stop, enjoy where you're at.







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