The Great Pumpkin Trailer Experience

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☕ This one's a good one!  Before we built our cabin when we just had the property... we had a old orange and white trailer that we kept up there to stay in.  During my weeks at the prop I would stay in it and commute back and forth from the trailer to my glass shop in the valley...

One morning however, my routine was disrupted!  I had just woken up and was about to step outside the trailer, when I saw a gigantic bull moose walking towards the trailer from the west side, then I looked down the hill towards the spring and saw two younger bulls walking towards the trailer as well.  So, I expediently jumped back into the trailer and watched with excitement to see what would happen.  The three mooses met directly in front of the trailer in a brutal match of dominance!  It was amazing to watch... They were throwing each other into the giant pine trees, that adorn the property, with such a bang that I thought they were going to fall over!  What a spectacle to observe!  After what seemed to be about 20 or 30 minutes the two smaller bulls finally gave up and walked back down the hill towards the spring from which they came.  The older, bigger moose however walked over near the corner of the great pumpkin trailer, dug a hole and layed down right next to it...  Meanwhile... I'm in the trailer really needing to head down to the valley, not to mention I needed to relieve myself, after all there was no facility in the great pumpkin, lol.  So I had to brave it up.  Fortunately, my vehicle was in the other direction of the moose, so I opened the door as quietly as I could and snuck out as ninja like as possible...  What a thrill!  What a moment!  To this day I have never seen anything like that and I have encountered many a moose in my life! 

I hope you enjoyed my little story as much as you'll enjoy our coffee...Cheers!

Have a moose't wonderful day!!!!


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