MooseBeansCoffee Blog

Walking through the mountains on a cold summer morning, mug of coffee in hand, I stop to breath in the fresh crisp air.  I know this is moose territory and I love it.  I've been down this trail what seems to be a hundred times but it still seems new.  I respect the moose with a healthy dose of fear.  Stories of my cousin getting chased by one and barely getting away have kept me wary of them.  Growing up I would encounter them quite often as we would travel up to my great aunts cabin.  Oh the thrill of walking around a shrub and there standing silently is a giant menacing moose!  

These memories and my love for the outdoors, cabins and hiking, have inspired me to create MooseBeansCoffee.  It's a bag a coffee that will fit in nicely on your cabin counter next to the coffee maker or at the condo next to the moose themed salt and pepper shakers, lol.